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Published: Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Updated: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 09:04

Often financial and business advice as well as reviews of financial services are a missing component to college newspaper content.  CampusRd offers a product that can solve that weak spot while providing a new revenue source.

In the current economic times and job market, this content is more important than ever. CampusRd provides users with information on over 40 reputable business products to help them make educated decisions on financial matters affecting their everyday lives. From information on credit reports to credit scores to credit cards to loans, there is information for everyone.

Best of all, CampusRd is based on a 50/50 revenue sharing model, so the service comes at no charge to your publication.

Features of the Application:
CampusRd is a fully functional API that embeds within your newspaper's web site.  Users can setup side by side comparisons of products to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each product and determine the product that works best for them. 
There are social components to the application by offering users a ‘tell a friend' form to each product review.

Your newspaper will earn a commission (ranging from $5 - $40) when users sign up for a financial product. 

For example, if users click "Apply Now" on a Discover student credit card product, they will be taken off to Discover's Web site. 
If they then complete the transaction and sign up on Discover's site, your newspaper will earn $40 in commission.

Upon signing up with CampusRd, you will be provided with an administration tool where you can keep track of all your monthly earnings.  CampusRd sends out checks on the 10th of every month and all checks come from "Cityopoly Inc."

The application is fully hosted externally, but can live in the center content area of your site.  By simply dropping the embed code supplied by CampusRd into an HTML element on a page in your CP5 site, your newspaper can provide a valuable service to your readers and gain a potential revenue stream that never existed before.

For more information, please contact CampusRd:

Cityopoly Inc. | 65 East Scott Street, Suite #9D, Chicago, IL 60610
Tel: 312.854.7606| Fax: 312.376.0167
Email: |

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