Using AdGear: Creating a new placement

Step 2 in deploying a banner ad

Published: Friday, December 31, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 10:04

AdGear New Placement

Create a new placement

AdGear Placement Attached Ads

Rotate ads within a placement

Once the campaign is created, you are brought to the page where placements and ads are listed. By default there are no active placements.

Placements are definitions of which ads run where, and what targeting rules they comply to. On this screen you can switch from the list of placements to the list of ads by hovering over the blue Placements menu on top.

To create the first placement, click on New Placement.

The first part of the page is fairly simple.

  • Name and Format: Enter the placement name with your site's 4-digit number, advertiser name and ad size (Ex: 0000_Nike_300x250) and select the format.
  • Schedule date and time: Enter a time span. (By default, the date is set to the same time span the campaign is set to.) You can also set a more advanced schedule by day of the week and hour. To do so, check the Restrict Scheduled to Day-of-Week and/or Time-of-Day box to access a detailed scheduling matrix.
  • Objective: If an impression or click criteria check the box, enter the number and select the appropriate criteria in the drop-down menu. (Note: Do not use a comma for thousands; ie: 100000, not 100,000).
  1. Impressions: number of times the ad must be displayed within the given time frame
  2. Clicks: number of times the ad must be clicked on.
  • Billing: Check the box, enter the value and select the appropriate billing model (The amount charged for the campaign is used to calculate inventory profitability and develop sales projections):
  1. In total: The advertiser pays a flat fee.
  2. CPC (Cost Per Click): The advertiser pays for each click generated by the ad placement.
  3. CPM (Cost Per Thousand): The advertiser pays for each 1,000 ad impressions displayed.
  • Inventory: Your site will be selected.

Next, you'll want to attach an ad to the placement. Instructions can be found here.

If needed, add a tile name. This is optional and only needed if you are placing multiple placements into the same campaign. You can read more about tiling here.

Click "save" to finish.


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