Creating forms with JotForm

Use this form-creating application to collect information from users.

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Published: Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Updated: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 15:07

Collecting submitted information from your users has never been easier! JotForm is a free application that allows you to make web forms without any experienced HTML knowledge. The easy to use application gives you a wide variety of already made form templates while allowing you to easily customize a brand new one with the drag and drop toolbox. The tools included in the toolbox are a "Text box", "Check list", "Radio button", "File upload", etc.

JotForm can benefit your site by aiding in the collection of hiring applications, online surveys or submitted pictures.

And the applications "Captcha" feature helps to prevent any Spam uploading.

Here are some steps to joining JotForm and creating forms:

Log on to: and click "Sign Up". After creating your user name and profile you can now begin to make your form(s).

Click "New" on the navigation bar to the left. You can either pick a premade form template or choose to start from scratch and make a new one. You are also given the option of choosing a "Theme" to go with your form. The "Themes" provided vary from color to font style.

To the right is a TOOL BOX where you can drag and drop whatever features you see fit for your form. POWER TOOLS is a section that gives you even more options to place onto your form. PAYMENT TOOLS allows you to include any sort of payment option you may need for your form. Lastly, PROPERTIES is where you can customize your form even more by naming it, changing the font, and inserting a recipient e-mail address for where the completed forms will be sent.

After customizing your form, be sure to click "Save". The embed code can be obtained by clicking "Source" and copying either of the two options. On your admin site, it's recommended to create an article and paste the HTML code into an HTML element inside the article. Submitting information is free as is receiving!

Here's an example of what a JotForm form can look like:

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