Email using Google Apps

Set up custom email accounts and signatures through Google Apps

Published: Friday, June 12, 2009

Updated: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 15:07

There are a few options to host e-mail with, but the most popular right now is Google Apps. Google provides free e-mail account hosting for educational entities like your paper, so this is a great solution. You can learn more at

You'll have to do a few things to get this rolling, including a couple e-mails back to us:

1) Sign up for Google Apps at Please reference the image gallery to the right for step-by-step screenshots of the process.

2) Once you have completed the setup steps, you will need ot verfiy your domain with Google. There should be a link from your Google Apps Dashboard - "Verify domain ownership" - click there. On the following screen choose "Change your CNAME record" from the drop down menu. Mail the instructions on this page to and we'll set it up for you!

3) When Google has verified your domain ownership, the next step is to set up the MX records for your domain. If your paper manages its own DNS, you will need to have your DNS manager change the MX records. In your Google Apps account go to Dashboard and click "activate email" or go to Service Settings > Email > Instructions on how to activate Email >Change MX Records.

If College Publisher hosts your DNS, we will make the changes for you. Choose "Any Hosting Company" from the drop down menu. Send us the information to change your mail or "MX" records, email to

4) If you'd like to set up a custom address like "" You can do so using Google Apps admin panel. You'll first need to send us instructions to add another "cname." In this case, you'd ask for "mail" to be pointed to ""

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