Live blogging with CoverItLive

Use CoverItLive for the ability to constantly keep your viewers updated.

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Published: Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Updated: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 15:07

Whether your paper is covering an election or sporting event, CoverItLive can help you be the first to spread the word to your campus.

This free software gives viewers the options of submitting moderated feedback directly to the blogger which keeps users interactive!

To start your CoverItLive experience visit Create a username and password. Once you have set up your account, you can now begin your live blogging.

Under "My Account" you can create a new live blog, view current live blogs, view upcoming live blogs and view completed live blogs.

CoverItLive gives you the option of creating a customized template that you can use for your blogs. It allows you to upload a picture, change the color or change the font style of your blog.

By clicking "Add New" you can begin making a new blog. Follow the directions to complete your blog creation. After you have customized your blog, you just need to copy the embed code and paste it in an article on your site.

Once your article is ready, go back to and click "Launch Live Event." A new window will pop up, which is where you will actually type your live blog entries. You can post pictures, answer user-submitted questions, ask poll questions to your visitors, etc. all in that window.

(Note: After submitting live blog entries, you can go back and edit them if you find it necessary. Just find the entry you want changed and click "Edit" next to it.)

Once your event is over, you can end it by clicking "End Live Chat."

A replay option will immediately become available in your article!


Here is an example of what a live blog can look like:

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