Newspaper Advisers, Best Practices

Published: Sunday, August 8, 2010

Updated: Monday, August 8, 2011 13:08

Online continues to become the forefront for news and publishing.  It is important that you help keep your staff is active online, and help manage them by staying on top of key items.

1) Monitoring Your Traffic - Google Analytics

The number one goal of your site is to drive traffic and increase pageviews.  Increasing pageviews allows more opportunities to sell and monetize your site.  You and your staff should be checking your traffic daily to see what pages are most viewed and to work with your editorial staff to produce content that drives traffic to your site.  To manage your traffic contact College Media Network with a gmail address, and we will give you access to your papers universal statistics located in google analytics.  Also, keep in mind that if your paper hits 25K pagviews your fees to the CMN service become waived.

2)  Get Trained & Understand the CMN Tools

You want to make sure your staff knows how to use all of the tools within College Publisher.  If they don't know how to do something they can find many resources at, they can also contact CMN to get trained or review anything they have questions about.  College Media Network assists papers in numerous ways: live chat betwen 9am-6pm est, a ticketing system to track requests, a 24 hour phone line, twitter, and facebook.  Please encourage your students to tweet at us, follow us, and get in touch by whatever means is easiest so that we can assist as quickly as possible.

3)  Breaking News Alerts, Email Editions, Facebook, Twitter

Make sure the online staff is sending out the email edition everyday.  Even if you print weekly, you can still send our your newsletter everyday.  Monday = News, Tuesday = Sports, Wednesday = Opinion, Thursday = Editorial, Friday = Events Around Campus for the Weekend, Sat = A&E, Sunday = Letters to the Editor.  Ideally, newsletters are sent out as content is relevant, not just the same day your print edition is published.  These newsletters and breaking news alerts are your number one traffic driver and should be sent out consistently and at the same time every day.  Once stories are posted online your staff should be tweeting and fb liking their content.  This is your second biggest source for traffic generation.

4) Keep Contact Information Up To Date

Make sure all contact information on "contact us" page is up to date so papers can continue to have a strong connection with consumers.

5) Monetization Opportunities

We have a large variety of tools that can help you and your staff monetize your website.  We have a sales packet we can send you and we are happy to work with you one on one to consult with your business staff.

6) SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Don't sure bad links as a space filler on your site as it hurts your SEO and google rankings.

7) Contracts  

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