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Published: Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Updated: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 15:07 is a great way to keep your site interactive! The free publishing site takes any documents you load and turns them into professional-looking publications that you can embed directly onto your site. gives you the ability to customize your uploaded publication, view statistics of your paper's profile and store all your uploaded publications in an easy to access Library.

Integrating onto your site helps keep visitors informed on the print-side of your paper. Instead of placing a regular PDF element of your print edition or any other paper document on your site, you can make things look a little more professional and visually appealing by using

The following are steps on how to join and embed your publication.

Visit to begin publishing your documents for free.

The first thing to do is create a login name. Your name should be something relevant to your newspaper's name. This will make it easier for visitors to to search for your Library or any publications uploaded.

After you have created your user name, you can now begin to upload a document.
(Note: To make your publication load as one document, you must combine all separate PDF files into one PDF. You cannot upload PDFs separately onto and combine them after. You can combine PDFs by using Acrobat Reader or any other program that allows you to combine separate files into one.)

Click the "Upload Document" option under your Profile name in the top right corner. You are then given numerous options to customize your publication. Be sure to fill out the "Required General Information" and attach your document before hitting "Publish".

After you have published, your document will begin to upload. It may take a few minutes for your document to completely upload and publish depending on how many pages or how big your file is.

Once your file has moved from "Converting" to "Published", then you are ready to embed. Click on your published document and a new window will open showing your publication and all its pages. You can click "Embed" to reach your publication's embed code or begin customizing your publication before your embed it. The customization options include: size, background color, flip options, layout, etc.

To publish onto your newspaper's site, copy the HTML embed code and paste it into an HTML element onto Polopoly.

Now, you can allow even those who don't receive a physical copy of your print edition to still be able to enjoy it!

Here's an example of an uploaded publication.

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