Transitioning Staff: A College Publisher Checklist

Transfer Knowledge, Tie Up Loose Ends to Ensure Smooth Start

Published: Monday, April 26, 2010

Updated: Monday, December 20, 2010 20:12


That’s how much you pay for College Publisher!
Incoming staff should know that the software, hosting, domain registration, training and design support are all free as a College Media Network partner.

As everyone eyes the calendar and that last day of the classes, make note of the knowledge base in your newsroom.

We see it year in and year out… Take the time to get current and future web editors together to share workflow processes, login information and other tips and tricks.

We put together a  checklist of commonly asked questions and suggestions during staff transitions and summer breaks:

»Training: We're here to support your incoming staff around-the-clock next semester, but only you and your current staff know the workflow that's best for you. Be sure to train your new web editor on how to interact with departments, copy editors and executive staff.
»»TIP: Editors looking to innovate in the newsroom? Consider pushing a "web first" philosophy to make your site the first stop for incoming information to your newsroom.

»Credentials: Create new accounts for incoming editors or document login information for generic accounts like "news," "features," etc.

» Ads: Document your login information and any special instructions for accessing or uploading content to the ad management system for CP5.

» Contact pages: Update "Contact Us," "About Us" and similar staff information pages. Don't have a staff information page? Create one now and ask your incoming staff to update it. These pages add credibility to your site and allow readers to get in touch with you.

» Control site access: Disable staff accounts no longer needing access to the site. Change staff user passwords in CP 4.0. In CP5, open a staff user in a new tab and use the Properties button to remove all version of the user to fully delete from the system.

» E-mail:  Reset "From" names on your Google Apps e-mail accounts to new editors. Using e-mail forwards through CP? File a support ticket at to have e-mail forwards changed.

» Sign up your new staff for the College Publisher Newsletter: For the latest on Interface conference calls, contests and exclusive network opportunities, sign up your top editors and web staff for the CP Notification e-mails, which send every time an item is posted to the News area at Both are free – and you can unsubscribe at any time.

» Using CP 4.0? Its time to switch to CP5! 4.0 is being decomissioned this summer. Head to and file your request in the "Transition to CP5" category.

» Looking to redesign your CP5 site? Take a look at this article to get started and make sure you read through this one to see some possibilites you didn't think of.

» Don't fret about the details. We'll provide trainings and increased support during the first few weeks of the semester for returning and new editors, just make sure they know to visit

Enjoy the winter break. To seniors rotating out, we wish you the best of luck and continued success and hope your case of senioritis isn't too bad.

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