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A short essay on my white leisure suit and Facebook/facebook

4/28/10 9:22 AM

By Dave Bostwick Student Media Adviser Baker University (Baldwin City, Kan.) dave.bostwick@bakeru.edu Ron Sylvester, a court reporter with the Wichita Eagle, recently tweeted: “Today, I tweeted from court, wrote web update, edited video, wrote final print version, pulled still photo & I’m going home before 5. Yah!” My apologies to traditional readers offended by the word “tweeted” appearing twice already, but “said” just didn’t seem right for the attribution.  I immediately began using his tweet as an inspirational example for students who, despite parents who would probably prefer they become Goldman Sachs executives, still aspire to be journalists. I switched into professorial motivation mode as I emphasized that many of... 25 comments

How to use Pulitzer Prize winning journalism tactics on the Web in a college newsroom

4/12/10 10:15 PM

Kyle Whitfield Interactive Community Editor HS GameTime at dallasnews.com whitfield.kyle@gmail.com Monday, April 12 -- call it Super Bowl Sunday for print journalists. Today, the 2010 Pulitzer Prizes were announced, drawing cheers (and tears) in winning newsrooms across the nation. As college journalists, I remember never having enough time to take on in-depth, enterprise-type projects like many award-winning styles of journalism. You go to class. You go to the newsroom. You eat at work. You sleep at work. You do homework at work -- or at least consider it. That's about it. Still, college newsrooms can integrate the types of principles that spur such award-winning work. And you can, of course, use the Web. Here's an example of a project we took on during my time at LSU.... 22 comments

What's in a headline? A hidden secret to boost Web traffic

4/1/10 11:59 PM

Kyle Whitfield Interactive Community Editor HS GameTime at dallasnews.com whitfield.kyle@gmail.com No matter what we're doing in a given day it's always easy to forget the little things -- lock your car, set your alarm, take the dinner out the oven (that's why I always order in...) The same is true for Web editors. In this case, I'm talking about writing headlines. The truth is headlines in print just don't work on the Web. Why? Headlines in print are meant to fit in a certain place and complement the overall look and design of the page. Your goal in writing headlines online should be more of a sales pitch that includes keywords that search engines pick up. You've probably heard the term SEO thrown out there. It stands for Search Engine Friendly. You want your headlines to be... 18 comments