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Are you a Politico?

6/19/09 10:06 AM

If you are an avid follower of politics, then check out CitizenTube.   CitizenTube is an active community inside YouTube that aggregates how news events are covered through citizen journalism - definitely subscribe to the channel to see world events unfold as they happen.  CitizenTube is led by Steve Grove who pioneered and was responsible for the content of the YouTube debate for the 2008 presidential election. This blog and YouTube channel not only demonstrates how news reporting is changing and how your organization can adapt to it, but CitizenTube presents challenges to its community throughout the year. Check it out! ... 29 comments

Knight News Winners

6/18/09 12:57 PM

College Media Network would like to congratulate all the winners of the Knight News Challenge.  In the third round of this $25mil 5-year contest, Knight awarded $5.1mil between 9 different organizations.  The top winner, DocumentCloud, received $719,500. Here is the link to the press release. We thought it was interesting and a decisive shift in trends that Knight placed a focus on community tools rather than news organizations/outlets.  It seems like some of the winners could provide some valuable tools for college newspapers. For enabling better research: DocumentCloud Media Bugs For multimedia production: Data Visualization Mobile Media Toolkit and potentially CMS Upload Utility  ... 203 comments

Take Care of Your Superusers

6/8/09 9:09 AM

The 80/20 rule states that 20% of your base does 80% of the work; also known as the Pareto principle (link to Wikipedia).  The ‘vital few’ for the college newspaper are that small number of folks who depend on your news source for updates and are constantly checking in and exploring your site.  For the sake of this blog, we’ll call them “Superusers.” Superusers have a weird psychological relationship to your product.  They, as uber consumers of your content, feel an emotional ownership of the site (much like groupies for a band).  This typically translates into these Superusers as evangelists of your content.   Therefore… Take care of your Superusers. In fact, listen to them. Superusers drive the interactivity... 173 comments

What is SMO?

6/8/09 8:46 AM

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an industry term for website management and simply means getting your site as easily index-able by Google (and the other search engines) as possible.  Figuring out the strategies on this front has spawned an entire industry of consultants who will help organizations on SEO.  But that is passé. SMO or Social Media Optimization is when your organization is fully tapped-in and optimized through other social portals like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  It simply means you are managing your content in such a way that you bring it to the audience versus waiting for your readers to stumble upon your destination.  Creating your own network by establishing a link between your site and other sites is the best survival method in... 72 comments