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Data Recovery Project

2/25/10 5:15 PM

We have a progress report on the data recovery from the DoS attack from early this semester. Firstly, we have recovered the data.  The delay in restoring the data into the live publishing environment lies in the details of the re-installation process. The specific information that was corrupted and needed work was a table that references the database fields and the changes and edits associated with those fields over time.  We have to reconstitute the data so the integrity is sound. The recovered data is being tested in a separate mirror instance to ensure no errors cripple the system when imported.  The referential integrity could interrupt work flow if there is a missing field; therefore the progress is slow as we need to correct for errors and run scripts again... 28 comments

System Event Notification: Admin 2 Maintenance

2/25/10 3:09 PM

If your newspaper logs in at, you will not be able to publish any content between 1am-6am EST on Saturday, February 27, 2010.

We are reserving a maintenance window to make some improvements for stability.


Moving Related Stories Module on Article Pages

2/24/10 12:09 PM

The ‘Relate Stories’ feature on the article page goes unused on most CP5 sites.  We understand that finding relevant content through the search can take a few extra minutes in the publishing process.  We also know those extra minutes can be more than a student wants to do at 3am.  Partially, this is why we deployed the Outbrain module.  However, the success that the automated related stories have received in just a month has shown that ‘Related Stories’ is a feature readers will readily explore on a news site (if executed well). What this manual ‘Related Stories’ feature can offer readers can be much more rich than what Outbrain offers.  Outbrain only indexes new content as it is published.  Outbrain is not combing... 32 comments

Northeast by Southwest Contest Winners

2/23/10 3:49 PM

It was not easy to limit the list to four winners as almost every college publication is facing the same economic dilemmas and cannot afford to send their web editors to a media convention in Times Square.  We were really excited to put this contest together so at least four college publications could benefit in the idea sharing that happens at college media conventions.  Before we get to who winners are, we want to thank our friends at Southwest Air for sponsoring a contest with such a worthwhile purpose.  As a major budget friendly airline, Southwest is happy to highlight, through this contest, their new destination of NYC’s LaGuardia Airport. On to the winners… Of the many glowing submissions of our unsung heroes, the web editor, only four could... 42 comments

Breaking News Functionality Improved

2/18/10 4:07 PM

Previously, the Breaking News Function in CP5 had been sending the entire text of an article.  The template was altered to omit that variable so that readers were encouraged to visit the site to get the story.

Now when the breaking news email is sent, the subscriber will only get the headline and subheadline in the email. 

Therefore, if you are breaking news on your site and want to blast it out, be sure to fill out descriptive subheads to encourage a click through.


CP5 admin1 weekend updated

2/4/10 10:07 PM

For the most recent update, please visit a post on our Support Site.


What happened to the Admin for CP5?

2/4/10 5:38 PM

For continued updates, please check the "news" section of At approximately 10 p.m. EST Wednesday, February 3, 2010, a portion of our CP5-networked servers experienced what is called a “Denial-of-Service Attack”.  In essence, this is basically a malicious attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users. Our tech team responded right away as newspapers reported issues with logging in.  We initially started our normal procedures of support, but quickly realized the nature of the problem.  Fortunately the front end of the sites continued to serve without interruption, but the admin area was rendered inactive (resulting in newspapers inability to log in and post new content). The CP5 publishing... 76 comments

Outbrain Followup: Recommended Stories Perform Well

2/3/10 12:50 PM

The Outbrain module was deployed across all CP5 sites for article pages on January 4th, 2010.  The results thus far show a growing trend and have resulted in over 100,000 extra page views for the entire network (that’s on CP5) in the month of January (a typically slow traffic month).  Just under half of those page views were inter-network referrals – meaning network partners are boosting each other’s traffic numbers…proving that the network model works.  Right now, the module is configured with 2 internal links that go to other stories on your site and two links that go to other newspapers in the network on CP5. The Outbrain module is unique in the way it suggests stories.  Initially, the related stories are based on contextual keywords on... 34 comments

New Interface Call: Oscars Production Staff

2/2/10 4:03 PM

Through our mtvU partnership with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, our next Interface conference call features production staff from the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. This exclusive and limited opportunity takes place Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010 at a time we'll be announcing soon. We're still working with Oscars officials to lock down the final list of call participants, but we expect writers, producers and even a few special guests on the call. You can learn more about the call at our Interface page, and we encourage you to sign up for updates and information, as well as RSVP, at our Facebook event. Please note the date/time of this event are subject to change due to the schedules of those involved. We'll continue to update you as we learn more.... 16 comments

mtvU Fulbright Winners Blog About Experiences

2/2/10 1:48 PM

In addition to creating several opportunities for student journalists (Oscars, Woodies, ect), mtvU has partnered up with the State Dept. to create Fulbright-mtvU Fellowships centered on an aspect of international musical culture. Available to any college student across the country, the Fellowships, administered by the Institute of International Education, were established to promote the “power of music” as a global force for mutual understanding.  The final selections were made by the Presidentially-appointed J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board and they frequently blog about their experiences at Feel free to contact us if you’d like to get in contact with any winners or program administrators for a story. Last year’s Fellows... 46 comments