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Promote your mobile guides with a simple deal

By CMN Team

Published: Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Updated: Thursday, January 19, 2012


Promoting your mobile apps on your publication's website is an easy way to increase user interaction.

The College Media Network Mobile Guide's offer more than just a newsreader – they're an interactive listing of everything your readers can do on and around campus. Not only can you create a custom list of featured activities for your readers to check out, but you can also sell special perks that act as mobile coupons for anyone with a smartphone.

After a big marketing push during the first month of the app launch for The Daily Tar Heel's Guide to the University of North Carolina, download rates for the Android and iPhone versions of the app leveled out. But a simple marketing initiative highlighting one of the apps key capabilities - granting mobile coupons to users - spiked their download traffic by 15% in just one day.

The daily newspaper of the University of North Carolina partnered with a local coffee shop to offer $1 off of any drink to Daily Tar Heel readers. All the readers had to do was show the perk on the app once they were in the store. By running a combined print and online ad campaign that lasted for just 24 hours, users were encouraged to download the app, explore the listings, and use the perk to get an exclusive deal. This effectively highlighted one of the apps main capabilities for the first time across the network.

The Tar Heel was only running this promotion as a 24 hour special - but perks can be sold and managed for any time frame to fit any promotion schedule. Ideally, a school will have multiple perks running over the course of the entire semester.

So how do you do this at your school? It's easy. If you don't already have your login info for to manage the listings in your app, then call or email us to get one. Once you've gone through and populated your top picks list from our massive network of listings, you'll be ready to approach the businesses to partner through similar promotions that the Tar Heel had success with.

It's time to integrate your brand into campus life, and the mobile guides will help you do this. But remember, if you don't promote them in print and online, you can't expect your readers to know the app is there. Need help creating promo materials? Let us know.
Email today to get your listings set up.

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