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This blog provides updates on development with College Media Network partnerships, College Publisher dev upgrades, and general college media related news.

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Code Deployment POSTPONED

12/28/09 12:04 PM

Because of some outstanding dev work to the new code, the tech team will be postponing the code deployment to CP5 until next week.


Please check back here for updates.


Code Deployment 12-28-09 and 12-29-09

12/21/09 5:08 PM

Next week we are dropping in some patches to the publishing platform that should make publishing and indexing content smoother. This is part of an upgrade to the software version CP5 is running on.  The upgrade obviously impacts various facets of the publishing platform so the QA process has taken some time in order to make sure all content and elements aren’t adversely affected. We will be making this upgrade in two sessions.  - Newspapers who login at “” will experience a service maintenance window on the back end of the sites starting at 8am on Monday, December 28th, 2009 (and will not be able to upload content for approximately 5 hrs) - Newspapers who login at “” will experience a service... 21 comments

Take advantage of CMN's free services this winter

12/14/09 2:48 PM

If you are stir crazy once you leave school for the semester, consider this: we are still working while you are on winter break. Our design services are free of charge for newspapers looking to give their site a facelift for the new spring semester.  We can give advice on making your site look a little cleaner or better organized and even help throw together design assets you can use in a new look (icons and whatnot). All you need to do is contact us.  The best way is to visit and submit a ticket entitled “redesign on [your site]” and identify who you are at the paper. NOTE: Because we are no longer doing development on CP4, this also a great time to start the upgrade process to CP5 and get that new design ready for the start of spring... 21 comments

Outbrain Module Response is Strong

12/8/09 2:16 PM

The response to the Outbrain Module posting has been very positive and has forced us to reconsider our initial plan. Based on the widespread feedback to deploy this on sites, we are going to launch the Outbrain Module across the CP5 platform.  This will go live on January 4th, 2010 across all CP5 sites unless otherwise specified. We can exclude any paper who wishes not to participate in this program, but you must contact us. Please fill out a ticket at with the subject line “Outbrain:  Exclude Us”.  Be sure to identify your paper or we won’t be able to accommodate. It is important to note that both BU's Daily Free Press and The Brown Daily Herald are experiencing 7-9% click through rates on this module.  While that is... 16 comments

A/B Testing for Social Bookmarking Module on Article Pages

12/8/09 12:42 PM

As we have posted in the past, we are always looking at ways to improve engagement on our newspaper partner sites.  Improved engagement equals more page views which results in everybody getting a win. Currently on CP5 we have over 200 sites publishing between two server environments for the admin area (which internally we call pipes).  This is a standard practice and allows us to spread the load on our servers as well as partition any problems that may arise (outages or service maintenance effect a smaller number of sites).  If you are a CP5 paper you can identify whether you publish on pipe 1 or 2 by the location of your login page. Example: or That said, we are doing some A/B testing for the next month to... 15 comments