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Mobile apps rolling out the door!

By CMN Staff

Published: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, August 17, 2011

College Media Network has been rolling out mobile apps since late January and currently has about 25 apps in the iTunes store with a goal of 75 in both the iPhone and Android market places by September 1.

The mobile applications pull your articles directly from the RSS feed so there is no day-to-day maintenance to the apps. The news reader allows a reader to share your articles via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text message. The newsreader also gives your readers the option to swipe their fingers over the screen to move between articles.

The other side of the app is a built-in GPS-enabled campus guide which will show your readers bars/restaurants/hotels/shopping around your campus, based on your staff's suggestions. Your A&E staff has the ability to review and curate these listings to be the mobile guide of your campus.

Your paper can generate revenue in the apps by getting your business staff to sell mobile coupons (perks) to these local merchants. A reader can click into the merchant page and see the perk that your staff has sold (ex: 2-for-1 appetizers between 4-6 p.m.). Once the reader shows the perk to the merchant, they are able to obtain the deal.


You can see the browser preview of the apps, without having to open iTunes, by clicking on any of these links below. – Wisconsin University – Georgetown University – Brown University – University of South Florida – West Virginia University – University of Miami Ohio – Kansas State University

For more information or to get your paper moving please contact Mike Schoelch at

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