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Oscars, First Night and one awesome street highlight Austin 2009

Texas-sized party kicks off NCMC'09

From the buzz of 6th Street to the six-band reception at The Mohawk, we had a blast with you at the 2009 Fall National College Media Convention. Full story

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Opportunities with mtvU

The mission of College Media Network is to "raise the profile of college journalism".


Polopoly and Atex

Atex is CMN's technology partner for the CP5 publishing platform, but the name Polopoly was circulated in the early stages of CP5. Learn who these companies are and how they impact CP5 development.

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New Feature Development Process

The development process for the College Publisher software is better than open source as it encourages software users to contribute their ideas and feedback rather than relying solely on developers.


About this Site

This site fills a hole in the market. Now, there is a single destination for college journalists to access digital publishing best practices, software documentation (on CP5) and connect to each other to share tips and tricks.

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CMN connects you with industry leaders, celebrities and more

Our Interface call series gets you on the line for networking opportunities, professional development and story interviews. Full story