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Published: Thursday, November 11, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 12:02


College Media Network.

The Daily Tar Heel's new mobile app has several custom features that have never been available on the same platform before.

College Media Network has broken new ground with the creation of a customized app for the University of North Carolina's student publication, The Daily Tar Heel.

The Daily Tar Heel - recognized as one of the top student publications in the nation for their print product - is also pushing the boundaries of digital content, and is using CMN's new mobile app on iOS and Android to get the job done.

The new custom app, available for free download on iPhone and Android, is built to not only enable the campus publication to spread their product and editorial voice to a wider audience, but also addresses many new trends in digital advertising. These new features are allowing the student-run publication to monetize their editorial content in ways that can't be done through print advertising, and are helping to supplement the school's already thriving print product.

Some of the new features of the app include:

  • A custom radio player that allows users to listen to a live stream of music from the campus radio station WXYC without requiring a wifi connection.
  • An interactive campus map that has custom listings for every building on campus that were not previously available through google maps.
  • An interactive apartment finder which allows users to search for apartments based on categories such as price, number of rooms, and distance to campus locales, while allowing advertisers to place special offers for users inside the app.
  • And a deal platform that provides the Daily Tar Heel ad sales staff the opportunity to sell coupons from merchants; similar to Groupon Now.

But what's really unique about the apps built by CMN are the "College Perks" which can be sold to local merchants as part of a comprehensive or standalone package. These perks, or mobile coupons, can be customized for any business and will be displayed when a student is searching nearby venues for food, drink or entertainment. To redeem these perks, students need only to show the app at the point of sale.

And of course, the app displays editorial content that automatically updates with breaking news published by the Daily Tar Heel.

In addition to the custom app that has been built for The Daily Tar Heel, CMN also has a standard app that includes a breaking news feed, college perks offerings, and a deal aggregator with search ability for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Flip through the image gallery to the right to see screenshots of the new features on The Daily Tar Heel's Guide, and check out any one of our other 39 standard apps in the list below.

Contact the CMN team today to see what we can do for your school in the mobile app field, and find out how you can start using digital content to spread your editorial voice and suplement your print ad sales!

Email or call:, 212-651-1728


Custom CMN Apps available for iPhone and Android

  • University of North Carolina: Daily Tar Heel || iPhone || Android ||

Standard CMN Apps available for iPhone and Android

  • Boston College: The Heights |iPhone || Android ||
  • Brown University: Brown Daily Herald || iPhone || Android ||
  • West Virginia University: The Daily Athenaeum || iPhone || Android ||
  • Georgetown University: The Hoya || iPhone || Android ||
  • Kansas State University: The Kansas State Collegian || iPhone || Android ||
  • Lawrence University: The Lawrentian  || iPhone || Android ||
  • University of Memphis: The Daily Helmsman || iPhone || Android ||
  • University of Notre Dame: The Observer || iPhone || Android ||
  • University of Nebraska: The Daily Nebraskan || iPhone || Android ||
  • University of Wisconsin: The Daily Cardinal || iPhone || Android ||
  • Miami University (Ohio): Miami Student || iPhone || Android ||
  • Oklahoma State University: The Daily O'Collegian || iPhone || Android ||
  • Southern Methodist University: Daily Campus || iPhone || Android ||
  • University of Delaware: The Review || iPhone || Android ||
  • Utah State University: The Utah Statesman || iPhone || Android ||
  • Loyola University New Orleans: The Maroon || iPhone || Android ||
  • University of South Florida: The Oracle || iPhone || Android ||
  • Vassar College: The Miscellany News || iPhone || Android ||
  • University of Montana: Montana Kaimin || iPhone || Android ||
  • Georgia State University: The Signal || iPhone || Android ||
  • Arizona State University: The College Times || iPhone || Android ||

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