Auto-Publish Your Section Pages with Category Lists

Published: Monday, October 18, 2010

Updated: Monday, November 15, 2010 13:11

One of the biggest features in CP5 is the ability to customize your paper's layout on all section pages. Any editor can do this with relative ease without knowing how to code. Each section can be customized with the list of elements in each dropdown to obtain any page design. However, if your paper is looking for a simple section layout of a list of articles specific to that section you can add a Category List element which will auto-publish those pages.

These Category List elements will pull in articles you specify by the categorization tags you picked when creating that content. These articles will automatically flow to those elements and publish your page.

To create a Category List on a section page click into the section page in the Content Tree. For example: Sports. You will see in the upper-left column a drop down list of elements where you can choose the Category List element. After clicking Create you will notice that you can give this element a name and choose the article information you would like displayed on the page. The most important part is choosing the amount of articles you would like displayed and also which categorization tags that will be pulled in. You will have to follow those categorization tags when uploading your content.

Your section pages will now automatically publish when you save a new article categorized with the specified tags. The last uploaded article will always be on the top.


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