Do Not Delete Content

Versioning in CP5 Helps Organize Articles and Photos

Published: Saturday, June 20, 2009

Updated: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 14:07

Limitations in storage are a thing of the past.  Treat CP5 like you treat your gmail – never delete anything.

While it is always a good practice to retain content for possible future use, there is a good reason behind this policy.

When content is created, our system sets up a record in the database of that piece of content.  That record has a reference that can be used and distributed (copy and pasted), populated in a category list or as a component of another piece of content. 

If that content is deleted incorrectly, the database and front end server will not be able to resolve the conflict if a reader finds one of those references - the result can range from a broken link to a major issue of lost content depending on what was deleted.

Follow these rules:

  • Use the Draft/Publish checkbox to clear a piece of content from the public domain.
  • Remove all categorization from the article so the content doesn't populate in category lists

    NOTE: It is safe to use the red "X" to delete content.
  • Do not delete any content in CP5 using the "Properties" button.
  • If there is problematic content in the GUI, please let us know what it is so we can resolve the issue.

These rules become more important down the line.  Should your publication ever decide to stop its service with CMN, improperly deleted content can corrupt the data export and make it difficult to upload articles to another CMS.

For example, if an image is uploaded into an article and the image is later deleted, each time the article is referenced it searches for the deleted image. The same occurs with other types of content such as RSS feeds, related articles, etc...

If there are items that need to be purged permanently from the database, please visit and notify us.  We will get on it right away.

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