Generating Your Desired RSS Feed

"Really Simple Syndication" within the CP5 CMS

Published: Sunday, June 14, 2009

Updated: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 15:10

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RSS = Really Simple Syndication

RSS Feeds are automatically generated in CP5, they are fed through the local content repository - Article Archive.

Every time you create a new page or root department (ie. news, sports, entertainment), it automatically generates an rss feed.  Content will only automatically populate in the RSS feed of a section page if the article was uploaded to that section initially (although a reassignment process* is detailed below)

If you are properly uploading content to the system, each section page should auto populate and the only work for generating a custom RSS feed would be the home page RSS.

The home page RSS is something you should customize everytime you publish a new issue, but if you find that tiresome perhaps setting up Feedburner is a good way to cut that step out.

The most recent 25 stories loaded in each section will render in the RSS feed (25 is the default setting, an adjustment can be made on the CMN side so just notify us of your prederence; the limit is 50).

To include an article in multiple RSS feeds (example: News and Homepage) - upload the article to its designated section and copy & paste into other departments.  To execute this operation you must have admin access (vs. editor access).  All that needs to be done is to click on the "Feeds" tab of the section and then paste the desired content.

*The reassignment process is fairly simple if you have admin access.  Click on the "Administration" tab within the article and edit the 'Parent' section.  The article will be automatically sucked into the RSS feed of that section (provided it is one of the 25 most recent articles in that section).


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