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Sending out a Newsletter is a proven method for driving traffic to your site

Published: Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Updated: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 13:07

Newsletter Start

Newsletter Start

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Newsletters are extremely simple to package and are an effective way to inform your readers that there is new content on your site.  You should send out newsletters as new content is posted to your site, and when there is breaking news.  **Note: You do not want to SPAM your readers with email editions or breaking news, because if you flood their inbox they will start to tune you out.

To send email editions, you will want to go to the "newsletters" tab, and hit the "create newsletter" button.  This will open a "new content" tab where you will want to fill in the following fields:


  1. Name: This is for internal purposes for you to keep track of newsletters in admin.
  2. Subject: This is the subject line users will see in their email box (make it interesting)
  3. Newsletter Content: Copy and paste the articles you want to appear in the email edition from your "main content repository."  Do this using the check boxes and main copy button.
  4. Message from the Editor: Let users know what you are covering, how they can contribute, and where else they can follow you online: twitter, facebook, etc.


After inserting the above information, you can preview this email edition.  Once you have this newsletter the way you want, hit the "save" button.  Your last step is now to send out the newsletter.  To send this out go to the bottom of the email edition, and hit the "Send Newsletter to x subscribers" button.

Your newsletter is now sent.

In other notes:

There is no hard limit for newsletters, as it depends on the images, masthead and "weight" of other items in the newsletters. We routinely see newsletters with 40 articles in them with no reported issues, so that is a good rule of thumb in regards to how many can be sent.

More importantly than tech issues are the user issues that can be caused by email editions with 40 articles. We recommend using the email edition as a "Best of" for papers to highlight their best content (similar to other high profile news and media entities) with 10 – 15 stories max.

Having more than 15 articles:

- Buries the most important / best written articles
- Makes the newsletter look congested
- Creates an overwhelming user experience

Selecting the top 10 – 15 articles for the newsletter allows the school to:

- Highlight the best / most important content for readers
- Present the content in a clutter free, easy to read environment
- Allow the schools enough left over content to send additional newsletters (i.e. separate Sports newsletter later in the week)




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