See and Do - Video Tutorials

Know your CP5 software better with our interactive demonstrations

It's an age-old journalistic saying: "Show don't tell!" Browse our collection of Adobe Flash-based tutorials and master the CP5 system in no time.

Interactive Preview

VIDEO: Layout - Using the Interactive Preview

Find out how to edit your site in preview, on-screen edit mode. Full story

Moving Content

VIDEO: Layout - Drag and Drop

Arranging your content is easy. Watch this video on how to drag and drop objects using our graphical interface. Full story

Copy and Paste

VIDEO: Managing Content - Pasting Content from Other Software

Learn how to prevent stray code from appearing when copying and pasting content from third-party programs such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat/InDesign. Full story

Editing Articles

VIDEO: Managing Content - Editing Articles

Learn how to quickly update an article after it's already saved in the system. Full story

Adding staff tease

VIDEO: Users - Creating New Staff Accounts

Creating new staff accounts is easy, and permissions are customizable! Here's how to get started. Full story