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Published: Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Updated: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 12:05

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We deployed a GeoPage Map centered around our Times Square office in New York. Full story

CMN has an exclusive offer to promote a free widget from, the one-stop online city guide with its highly interactive map.

In addition, GeoPage is offering to share ad revenues directly with participating college newspapers. This widget will greatly enhance college newspaper's online site with an innovative widget while opening a new revenue stream.

The GeoPage map allows visitors a unique way to find social places, like restaurants and nightlife.  On the fly, readers can get reviews of venues, share pictures, and blog about their experiences. Geopage is enabled with Facebook Connect so readers can associate activity on your site with their social network.

What makes the GeoPage map unique is the ability for online users to search businesses by dragging the map to explore the venues around campus (or any area designated) as well as control which categories of venue display on the map (e.g. restaurant, coffee shop, nightlife).

Getting Started

Revenue Sharing

The free GeoPage Map widget embedded has some advertising positions running through it.  The revenue is split 50-50 between college newspaper and GeoPage based on ads that run through the map (which is dependent on newspaper traffic).  The is an agreement that must be processed in order to enroll in the Revenue Sharing Program, please note contact details below.

Easy To Embed GeoPage Map's Widget:

The GeoPage map is as easy to embed as Google Map (which GeoPage employs in the application). To download the GeoPage Map Technical Document, click on the pdf to the right.  Simple steps to get started are: 

-  Sign up for a GeoPage account at (one can even use Facebook Connect to create an account or login)

-  Contact GeoPage VP, Alex Sum, at or 206.786.9044 to get a contract for rev-share opportunities

-  Obtain API Key from GeoPage Support for embedding GeoPage Map widget

-  Configure your API Key using the online configuration tools via GeoPage Account

-  Embed your configured GeoPage Map into your website by including a JavaScript call in an HTML element

If you are interested in taking advantage of this widget & revenue opportunity, please contact GeoPage VP of Business Development, Alex Sum, at or 206.786.9044.

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