FAQ: General Troubleshooting

Common User Errors With CP5

Published: Monday, June 29, 2009

Updated: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 14:10

Email Editions Not Going Out?
Here are some thoughts: Check the size.  Also, most e-mail applications block JavaScript from working, as a security measure to prevent viruses. This means if you are copying HTML from an existing web page, you need to clean out all of the code and JavaScript.
Are Your Copy & Pastes Not Working? Check your Browser
CP5 works best in Firefox because of the browser's handling of Java, the software used to help CP5 function on your system.  We continue to troubleshoot for IE, Chrome and Safari, but for best results use FF.
Are You Not Seeing Your Content Posted to the Site Right Away?
Sometimes this occurs do to the caching of your browser. Please cache your browser, reloading the page, and this should resolve the new content to your screen.
Is the text in your articles and teaser irregular with varying size and fonts?
This happens when you copy and paste directly from Word or InDesign, when the hidden CSS and XML data is attached to the text. (This is how text copies so easily between Microsoft or Adobe products!) You need to strip your text of this hidden code, and there are a couple of options to do so. Windows users can paste their text into Notepad, then copy the text back out of Notepad and into the window. Mac (and all) users can also use the Microsoft Word button above their Body/Summary text windows to have the system strip-out the code before pasting it into the article. For a video tutorial on this process, visiting our main training page here at CollegePublisher.com/training and look for the "Adding content from third-party applications" video in the middle of the page.
Is your page running into the wrapper? You probably need some padding.
Use the global HTML wrapper <div class="gutter">your HTML</div> to add instant padding around any custom HTML element. This is perfect if you are using the HTML element for Sub Pages such as "Contact Us". 
Is the article you posted into the layout not showing up in your design?
This is most likely because you have improperly inserted an image into the article you are posting.  When you insert an image, remember that after you browse you must hit the "upload" button. If you do not hit the upload button the system considers this a broken image and will not post the article. To correct just go back in and insert the image completely and your article should now display properly.

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